• A Boy’s God – ‘Thank you Lord For the Lord’
    • Alice Benfer – ‘Cowgirl Rockin’ ‘
    • Alora – ‘fear.armour.paradise’
    • Alpha Loopy – ‘Alpha Loopy’
    • Alyssa & Georga – Single “Set Fire”
    • Amy Savin – Single “It’s A Good Life”
    • Andy Chapman – ‘No Ordinary Day’
    • Andy Michaels – ‘Revisited’
    • Anna Weatherup – New album coming soon
    • Aperture – ‘F-22’
    • Bay Side Wreckers – ‘Cardio’
    • Bay Side Wreckers – ‘Money, Crew, Love 10 years of Bay Side Wreckers
    • Bearfoot – Single “Luminate”
    • Becci Nethery – ‘Beautiful Life’
    • Bekdo – Single “Dangerous”
    • Bel Thomson – ‘Seasons’
    • Bella Grace – ‘Heartbeat’
    • Ben Potter – ‘Reside’
    • Benoit – ‘Canvas’
    • Benoit – ‘Fifty Miles’
    • Billy OTTO  – ‘Born’
    • Bloom – New double Christmas single coming soon
    • Brad Sabat – Single “Bounce”
    • BRB – ‘New Kinda Human’
    • BRB – ‘Hard Times Remixed’
    • Brea Robertson – ‘Hillcrest To Here’
    • Brea Robertson – Single “Funky Little Groover”
    • Brendon and Cathie Clancy – ‘Living Word’
    • Brittle Sun – Single “Laika”
    • Caitlyn Shadbolt – ‘Songs on my sleeve’
    • Carly Fletcher – ‘Follow The Lamb’
    • Carter & Carter – ‘Better Day’
    • CDB – ‘Tailored For Now’
    • Chris Botfield – ‘Broken & Beautiful’
    • Chris Sebastin – ‘Runaway’
    • Citipointe – ‘Move of Mountains’
    • City Alight – ‘Only A Holy God’
    • Claire Hazzard – ‘Turning Point’
    • Coby de Maria – ‘Dust’
    • Connie Kis Anderson – ‘A Closer Walk’
    • Dami Im – ‘I Hear A Song’
    • Danial Hagen & The Awakening Band – ‘Christmas Hill’
    • Daniel Burgess – ‘Surely’
    • Darren Johnson – ‘Home Sweet Home’
    • David Willersdorf – ‘Outside The Inside’
    • Dear Willow – ‘Hold Yourself Down’
    • Delwyne Fejos – ‘Hiding Place’
    • Destiny Band Oz – ‘From The Heart’
    • Destiny Band Oz – ‘Makin Music’
    • Destiny Band Oz – Single “My Family and Me”
    • Emily DAWN  – ‘Revive’
    • Emma Jene – ‘Cross Your Heart’
    • Finding Faith – ‘Finding Faith’
    • Fonke Knomaads – ‘FreakWild’
    • Fonke Knomaads – ‘Nebulist’
    • for King & Country – ‘Burn The Ships’
    • Fr Rob Galea – ‘Acoustic Sessions V1’
    • Gabriella Brei – ‘Escape’
    • Germein – ‘Germein Sisters Limited Edition EP’
    • Germein – ‘Germein’
    • Georgine Grimshaw – ‘Cafe Corner’
    • Georgina Makdessi ‘Echoes Of Emotion’
    • Greg Cooper – ‘Heal’
    • Hannah Fay – ‘Crown’
    • Hannah Olivia – ‘EP17’
    • Hayley Jensen – ‘Turning Up The Dial’
    • Hillsong – ‘There Is More’
    • Hillsong Young & Free – ‘III’
    • Holly Christina – ‘7th Heaven’
    • Ida Maree – Single “Tell Your Heart To Beat Again”
    • James Peden – JP’
    • Janet Odani – ‘Mismatched Plants’
    • Janet Odani – ‘Valiant Warriors’
    • Jason Daniels – ‘For When I’m Lost’
    • Jeremy Bilson – ‘Fingerprints’
    • Joanna Alina – Single “Breath By Breath”
    • Joe Romero – ‘No Other Place’
    • Joe Vermeulen – ‘Genesis Origins’
    • Joel Barker & The Low Company – ‘Uncharted’
    • Jonathan Mark Hayden – Single “She’s My Rolling Stone”
    • Josh Lee Hamilton – ‘Find Your Way’
    • Julie Kerr – ‘Carry On’
    • Juliet Oliver – ‘Juliet Oliver’
    • Kate Westwood – ‘The Lament & The Love Song’
    • Katie Harder – ‘Beloved’
    • Kim Koole – ‘Blue Skies’
    • Kingdom Culture Worship – ‘Kingdom Culture Worship’
    • Liy Be – ‘Beautifully Broken’
    • Licy Be – Single “Be The Change”
    • Ljon – ‘Hope: Future’
    • Lucy Mason – ‘Going Home Broke’
    • Lucy Mason – Single “Runaway”
    • Luke Inglis – Single “Live Love Fight”
    • Majelen – Single “Angels In The Dark”
    • Majelen – Single “Me and You”
    • Marksman Lloyd – ‘Portals’
    • Marnie Fulton – ‘Arise + Shine’
    • Mayfair Lane – ‘Go Again’
    • Mayfair Lane – Single “Go Again”
    • Mel Crothers – Single “Safe”
    • Melissa Robertson – ‘Little Country Life’
    • Mike McCarthy ‘Serious Face’
    • Monique ‘Heart’s Cry’
    • Nathan Fawcett – Single “Shoreline”
    • Neon.Crown. – ‘Oblivion’
    • New Noise – ‘The City of Virtue’
    • Noralyn – ‘Lucid Dreaming’
    • Olivia Corish – ‘Share The Joy’
    • Paul Mah & The Drifting Boats – Single “Dance in the River”
    • Pat Flaherty ‘The Hanging Tree’
    • Pepper Jane – ‘Keys’
    • Peter Allan Collective – Single “Summer Holiday”
    • Phil Houghton – ‘Let Joy Be The Sound’
    • Phoebe Jay – ‘Free Air’
    • Piper – ‘Contrast’
    • Resonaxis – ‘Humnarium’
    • Rhiordan Stewart-McDougall – ‘Charcoal’
    • Rosie Joy – ‘Beloved Of Mine’
    • Sami – ‘Crazy Love’
    • Scott Douglas – ‘Scott Douglas’
    • Sharon Jane – ‘Flow’
    • Stephanie Holt – Debut Single “Your Heart”
    • Steve Cheers – ‘Measure of a Man’
    • Steve Grace – ‘Eternity’
    • Still Worship Band – ‘Volume 1’
    • Stu Larsen – ‘Resolute’
    • The Paper Kites – ‘On The Train Ride Home’
    • The Paper Kites – ‘On The Corner Where You Live’
    • The Quick & The Dead – ‘Remixes’
    • The Supernova Project – ‘Paradise’
    • The Watershed – ‘The Watershed’
    • Tigertown ‘Warriors’
    • Tim Hart – ‘The Narrow Corner’
    • Tim Oksanen ‘ Red’
    • Tinman – ‘Tinman’
    • TJ Hall – ‘Live At Cafe Sete’
    • Tommy Emmanuel – ‘Accomplice One’
    • Tracey Davis – ‘Now’
    • Vanessa Quai – ‘Light It UP;
    • Vera Blue – ‘Lady Powers/Power Ladies Remix’
    • Verbalize – Single “Places”
    • Voyage – ‘Grace Has Won’
    • We Are The Outpost – ‘Ex Nihilo’
    • Whitefield – ‘Cinematic’
    • Wolf and Willow – ‘Born To Be’
    • Wolf and Willow – Single “Falling”
    • Yonder – Debut EP coming soon
    • Young Lions – ‘Mr Spacemen’
    • Zero – ‘247’

A BOY’S GOD – ‘Thank you Lord for the Lord’
Melbourne VIC

A digital album landing in my inbox this week, is the new release from Melbourne artist A BOY’S GOD. This album is pure worship, with titles like “Christ, He Rose”, “I Hunger”, “Ever Always, I’m Yours” and “God, Will You Show Me”.

See more at: A Boy’s God

Keep an eye open too for the new Soul R&B album ‘Natural’ from ANDREA MARR (Melbourne VIC) releasing this weekend and the new release coming from Alice Springs singer songwriter MS XAVIA plus new singles from CAITLYN SHADBOLT (Gympie QLD), THE ACHILLES (Oakey QLD) and CARTER & CARTER (Kinglake VIC).

ALICE BENFER – ‘Cowgirl Rockin’ ‘
Gympie QLD
Australiana country

Country girl ALICE BENFER‘s family come from the rich farming area around Mount Cotton to the south-east of Brisbane City near Redland bay and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. Born and raised on country music, it’s in her blood and the now Gympie based singer songwriter guitarist loves nothing more than playing her local muster and gigging around the Gympie area.

She writes ‘Australiana country’ with songs reminiscent of a Slim Dusty style telling stories of her love of country music, and the Gympie muster itself in the song Amamoor Creek. Her four track EP ‘Cowgirl Rockin’ ‘ is definitely an album to have in your collection.

See more at: Alice Benfer

ANDY CHAPMAN – ‘No Ordinary Day’
Sunshine Coast QLD
reggae, r & b, country rock

Ordinary Day is an EP dedicated to the Melanesian people and the islands of the South Pacific. It’s the latest recording from ANDY CHAPMAN and his tribe, wife Sharny, daughter Georgia and sons, Asher and Josiah.

Recorded, produced, mixed, mastered with bass, keys, backing vocals and great ideas all coming from Craig Ross, this is a special EP, especially considering Steve Apirana lends his talents on guitar and ukulele and acclaimed Nashville session musician Steve Brewster looks after drums and percussion.

Andy has just this week released a second single from the EP, the self titled track “No Ordinary Day”.

Andy is a great singer, songwriter & speaker, a gifted teacher and “Musicianary”! He and wife Sharny will be heading overseas again shortly to undertake more of their unique music missionary work.
See more at: Andy Chapman

Melbourne VIC & California USA
Christian rock/contemporary

An album worth mentioning this week is the latest release from international band APERTURE. I don’t know how they do it, when they have two blokes living in California separated by a mountain range and one living in Melbourne separated from them by the largest ocean on the planet, it is incredible that they could produce a cohesive song let alone an album of quality music.

F-22 is the new project from Aperture, continuing with the camera naming theme and concentrating on connecting people to the cross. It is well worth a listen.

See more at: Aperture

BENOIT –  ‘Canvas’
Melbourne VIC

Hailing from the basin in Melbourne’s far east, the new EP ‘Canvas’ from BENOIT is a breath of fresh air.

Released at the end of July, the four tracks highlight various aspects of this complex man’s creative process, varying in fell, tempo and genre. It’s an eclectic mix of ideas, creating a wonder and anticipation about where this talented musician and songwriter can take you.

See more at: Benoit

BILLY OTTO  – ‘Born’
Newcastle  NSW
folk indie pop

BILLY OTTO grew up with his siblings singing along in their four part harmonies together with their father, Bill. The musical environment in which he grew up became the foundation in which he would develop his unique artistic ability, skills and sound, to form a musical presence that is truly eclectic and meaningful.

The new EP from Billy Otto is titled ‘Born’ and while his explanations of each song make it sound a little bit like a soppy love song EP it is anything but – these songs really live. Recorded in Chicago, Indiana and Impromptu Studios in Newcastle, produced by Luke O’Dea, this is a masterful EP. The songs are sometimes beatle-esque, sometimes Floydian, have a hint of 70s alternative rock, but are all stamped with the Billy Otto signature.

The new single from the EP is “Ghosts”. We caught a unique recording of the second track from the EP, “Dreams”, which was recently performed live in the Aussie Grown Radio studio.

See more at: Billy Otto

Sunshine Coast QLD
worship, inspirational

The new album from Sunshine Coast based BRENDON AND CATHIE CLANCY and produced in conjunction with the Bible Society of Singapore, ‘Living Word’ is a collection of songs of scripture and worship with lyrics taken direct from Scripture and music by Brendan Clancy.

Half of the tracks come from the Psalms and were inspired by the Clancy’s Singaporean travel companions to Israel. A couple are inspired out of the Old Testament while the rest come from the New, the whole album recorded at Scott Matheson’s designer Sound Studios on the Sunshine Coast, Patrick Carre’s Artisan Music in Perth and Andrew Da Silva’s studios in Melbourne, Andrew also featuring on vocals. These beautiful worship songs are inspiring to say the least.

See more at: The Clancys

CAITLYN SHADBOLT  – ‘Songs On My Sleeve’
Gympie QLD
country rock

‘Songs On My Sleeve’ is the debut album release from CAITLYN SHADBOLT. This amazing 21-year-old singer songwriter from Gympie in Queensland is a crowd favourite on the country music circuit and has co-written all of the 12 songs on her debut album.

‘Songs On My Sleeve’ showcases Caitlin Shadbolt at her very best and while each track has that country flavour it is well worth adding to any collection. I caught up with Caitlin at the recent Gympie Muster and she features in the Aussie Grown Artist Spotlight in September.

See more at: Caitlyn Shadbolt

CARLY FLETCHER – ‘Follow The Lamb’
Newcastle NSW
worship, inspirational

New albums landing on my desk this week include the 12 track worship album ‘Follow The Lamb’ from CARLY FLETCHER.

A product of Avondale College and based in Newcastle, the recently married Carly has written a strong worship album, with two thirds of the tracks based in Scripture and a richly talented field of musicians in support including co-producer Rhys Zacher and singer songwriter Anna Beaden.

See more at: Carly Fletcher

CARTER & CARTER – ‘Better Day’
Kinglake VIC
Country rock

The new album ‘Better Day’ has been a market leader for CARTER & CARTER since they premiered it at Tamworth Country Music Festival back in January. The debut single, “Stand Tall” climbed into the TCM chart, reaching # 20 and spending 13 weeks aboard.

The album of 11 tracks is some of the best work from the Kinglake Victoria duo with the title track, “Life’s About The Little Things”, “Love Makes The World Go ‘Round”, “We Are Family” and “Together We Can” all worthy of radio airplay which could and should keep this album on the charts for some time. The new single, “World Full Of Angels”, the second from the album is another on this list.

See more at: Carter & Carter

CDB – ‘Tailored For Now’
Melbourne VIC
Rnb, Soul

Albums of covers are not exactly ones that find their way up my alley but the latest release by the reformed ARIA winners CDB, ‘Tailored For Now’ is worth a listen.  Some of the classic radio songs of their heyday are covered in the CDB style on this 11 track release that also includes a 90s medley along with “She’s Got That Vibe”, “Every Little Step” and “End Of The Road”.

See more at: CDB

CITY ALIGHT – ‘Only A Holy God’
Castle Hill NSW
Inspirational, gospel

City Alight is the recording project of St.Paul’s in Castle Hill, Sydney and their latest offering is the 10 track ‘Only A Holy God’ focusing on the worship of the Church. Recorded live, these are songs for the Church community, sung week by week during worship.

See more at: City Alight

Pakenham VIC
Soulful acoustic pop

The three track EP release of COBY DE MARIA’s latest single, ‘Dust’. Besides the single the EP includes two acoustic tracks performed live river, mountains, ocean and the real thing, both of which could be standalone singles for Coby.

Produced by the legendary perfectionist Andy Sorenson and featuring David Holmes, Ben Whincop, Mitch Farmer and Lana Grant, this is an EP worth getting if for nothing other than the single release, which dropped from the nations Christian chart a couple of weeks ago after eight weeks in the top 30 where it reached number 19, her best performing single so far.

See more at: Coby de Maria

DARREN JOHNSON  ‘Home Sweet Home’
Newcastle NSW
worship, inspirational

DARREN JOHNSON is a country artist out of south-east Queensland. The album ‘Home Sweet Home’ was released in January and contains 14 great country tracks which will delight any country music fan but also please some of the more alternative country enthusiasts.

Recorded in Nashville and at Rippletin Studios near Darren’s home on the Sunshine Coast, the album also features seasoned Nashville percussionist Steve Brewster as well as the many talents of esteemed musician and producer, Craig Ross.

See more at: Darren Johhnson

EMILY DAWN  – ‘Revive’
Sunshine Coast  Qld

EMILY DAWN is a Sunshine Coast based artist who combines Alternative Pop with subtle Electronic soundscapes to create a unique and truly emotionally provoking sound.

Emily Dawn launched in early 2016 in pursuit of sharing her own unique music that inspires hope, written from her own journey and personal faith.

Emily’s debut EP ‘Revive’ was released in April 2016.  The EP received airplay on radio stations across the country, including 4ZZZ and many more.  The five song EP is a brilliant collection of moody, sometimes hauntingly voiced songs one of which, “Wilderness”, has been remixed and now sounds even better, if that was possible.

“Wilderness” (The November Remix) received The Akademia Music Award for Best Song in Dance/Electronica in 2017

See more at: Emily Dawn

Brisbane QLD
Electro pop

Brisbane singer songwriter GABRIELLA BREI has produced another extraordinary effort in her new album ‘Escape’. When I first came across Gabriella some four years ago, she was a vibrant, long-haired redhead, with an innocent demeanour and an incredible talent of completely writing all her material on her home laptop.

Nowadays of course almost everybody writes this way, but back then, it was unusual to find someone so young already embracing future technology for her art.  The resulting album ‘Healed’ was a ground breaker and launched her career with three impressive singles.

Her new album ‘Escape’ has been written in the same mold but with a much more mature approach to her writing. You won’t be disappointed with any of the tracks on this highly credible album.

See more at: Gabriella Brei

Sydney NSW
Classical cross over

Another artist out of Sydney is mezzo-soprano GEORGINA MAKDESSI and her new album ‘Echoes Of Emotion’. Georgina is an integral part of the wedding singer scene in Sydney, travelling out to the Blue Mountains and up & down the coast to the Hunter & the Gong. This album is all you would need for your special day and is a collection of classic love songs sung in Georgina’s own celebratory style.

See more at: Georgina Makdessi

HOLLY CHRISTINA – ‘7th Heaven’
Auckland NZ
Acoustic pop

‘7th Heaven’ is the new 7 song EP from kiwi singer songwriter HOLLY CHRISTINA. Holly is known to never release anything substandard and this is no exception especially the 3 tracks recorded Live At The Chapel in the beautiful Bishop Selwyn Chapel of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell Auckland in July.

Do yourself a favour, grab a copy of ‘7th Heaven’ from Holly Christina.

See more at: Holly Christina

JANET ODANI – ‘Mismatched Planets’ 
Sydney NSW

I am rarely one to write or speak negatively, preferring to be as positive about a release as possible, but the new album, ‘Mismatched Planets’ from JANET ODANI is a little disappointing to say the least.

A talented songwriter, Janet has put together a strong selection of songs and must be lauded for her writing skills. Unfortunately, the production & packaging has let her down and she must consider going elsewhere and spending for quality. Her music videos though are nicely done, basic and colourful, showing a somewhat better side of her music.

See more at: Janet Odani

JASON DANIELS– ‘For When I’m Lost’
Sunshine Coast QLD
folk, groove, looping

A great EP to get your hands on is the new JASON DANIELS 4 track offering ‘For When I’m Lost’, on pre-order now on iTunes. The first single “Dreams” was featured on the show, here it again by clicking the links on the website. “Worth Holding On To” should be the next single I reckon and the other two tracks are straight-up Jason Daniel classics if a little more subdued. This EP will go quickly and radio should be right on it – if they are wise.

See more at: Jason Daniels

JEREMY BILSON – ‘Fingerprints’
Newcastle NSW
Soulful pop, rock, folk

JEREMY BILSON has a new record available, a 5 track EP titled ‘Fingerprints’. This piano based EP is another quality album fusing styles and elements, coupled with Jeremy’s lyrics and a delivery that at times, brings to mind Elton John and Billy Joel. This is an album worth checking out and we’ll examine it better in the coming weeks.

See more at: Jeremy Bilson

Fremantle WA
Folk, rock, pop

A strong EP of 6 tracks out of the west comes from JOEL BARKER & THE LOW COMPANY titled ‘Uncharted’. Standout tracks are the lead single “Make It Good,” “My Sane” and the lead track “Crane.” Backed by the incredible Low Company of Alex Cook on bass, Sam Gibson, guitar, Caleb Quartermaine on drums and Brad Green on keys this is an impressive album and worth adding to the playlist.

See more at: Joel Barker & The Low Company

JOSH LEE HAMILTON  – ‘Find Your Way’
Byron Bay  NSW
indie, pop, folk, alt rock

JOSH LEE HAMILTON is a local singer/song writer who loves to create catchy and moving melodic tunes with a sound that is fresh and upbeat. His music is multifaceted with elements of indie pop, folk and alternate rock. While there are these labels to identify his music by, he is highly motivated to create a sound and message that inhales as a breath of fresh air.

Josh has been a feature artist on triple j unearthed and has played in projects while up in Brisbane and has more recently started to develop himself locally as he settles into the area.

He is now joining forces with a four piece band, self titled as Josh Hamilton, and his recently released EP ‘Find Your Way’ continues his strong tradition of producing quality music. There isn’t a weak track on this EP. The debut single lifted from the EP is Golden which is the standout track but nothing can be taken away from Run To You, Soul Breaks, Trading Time and his new single, No Fun.

See more at: Josh Lee Hamilton

KATIE HARDER – ‘Beloved’
Alice Springs NT
Acoustic folk rock

New from a lady who has been producing great music for over 30 years, is the very young at heart, KATIE HARDER whose new album ‘Beloved’ released on the 22 of September. The title track is the second single to come from the EP and showcases a quieter, more reflective performer.

The debut single is the moving “Jesse”. Spare a thought for her touring schedule which takes in a pleasant drive to Darwin and back or down to the big smoke in Adelaide.

See more at: Katie Harder

 KINGDOM CULTURE WORSHIP – “Kingdom Culture Worship”
Burpengary QLD
Inspirational worship

The Kingdom Culture Church is one of the most vibrant outside any main metropolitan city areas based in Burpengary, half way between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. The KINGDOM CULTURE WORSHIP team includes singer songwriter Jessie-Rose Raynor and the new 11 song worship album, produced mixed and mastered by Brett Shaw, is a must have album for any worship music fan.

The team are currently working on live music videos for the album tracks, a number of which are already up on their Youtube channel. Do yourself a favour and grab this album.

See more at: Kingdom Culture Worship

LICY BE – “Beautifully Broken”
Perth WA
Rap, RnB, Hip Hop & Spoken Word Poetry

The new album for Western Australian hip-hop rapper star LICY BE is titled ‘Beautifully Broken’  and contains two different versions of her current single “One Life” as well as her new single “Heart Bleed”.

A collaborative album featuring Tiri Boy, Beckii Jane, Melinda Watts, Jasmine LeShea and Cuan Wheatley, plus 2 solo tracks, this is Licy Be at her best.

See more at: Licy Be

Perth WA
hip hop

Perth rapper MARKSMAN LLOYD wrapped up his tour in support of the new album ‘Portals’ in late September and will be on the road again before Christmas and why not?

This album is a very well put together collection of songs. I’m not a big fan of the genre but I can listen to Portals and actually get what the maestro is putting across. Portals will go a long way in the rap/hiphop field but will also gain a significant audience in the pop rock arenas also.

NEW NOISE ‘The City of Virtue’
Melbourne VIC
Alternative rock

I am particularly excited to listen to the debut release from Melbourne’s NEW NOISE. With an opening track bringing to mind strains of Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, even the ending piece from Russell Morris’s The Real Thing, New Noise are a compilation of sounds that at first sound more cacophony than cohesion but there is no doubting the impact this 12 track album makes on the mind. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, New Noise will appeal to the more adventurous and it’s a great cover!

See more at: New Noise

Jondaryan QLD
thoughtful acoustic folk

The Aussie grown team were fortunate enough to hear all 4 tracks on the PEPPER JANE, Keys EP performed at Live At The Chapel earlier this month. Pepper Jane has her own unique style unlike anything I’ve heard before, it’s raw, it’s pure talent and its engaging and these songs are very creative.

Three of the four tracks standout, the title track, Tumbleweed and Whoever You Are, but that does not mean the other track Staring is not worth a solid listen. Pepper Jane is an artist who has seen much of life, from the city and the country perspective and this is evident in her music.

See more at: Pepper Jane

Geelong VIC
Acoustic, pop, folk

She may have a big name but RIORDAN STEWART-MCDOUGALL is known as ‘the little girl with the pink guitar.’ There is no mistaking her BIG voice though and her new EP, ‘Charocoal’, is really worth the investment. All five tracks are strong songs with a country folk pop rock feel to them.

See more at: Riordan Stewart-McDougall

SCOTT DOUGLAS – “Scott Douglas”
Kinglake VIC
Country rock

While born in America, SCOTT DOUGLAS is based on the Gold Coast and proudly calls Australia home. Scott is fast becoming a favourite on the tour and Festival circuit with his story-telling, deep country rounded vocals and lively stage presence.

His debut self-titled EP was released last month and is making some noises, especially in the dedicated country realm, with the lead single “Giving Up” a standout track but the other 4 songs providing able support.

See more at: Scott Douglas

STEVE CHEERS ‘Measure of a Man’
Southern Highlands NSW
Country pop rock

STEVE CHEERS is a storyteller, weaving his tales through an appealing mix of vocals and flowing country pop rock. The tracks on his new album ‘Measure of a Man’ are all interwoven with his faith base and positive message but Steve has rarely, if ever, working in a ‘Christian’ environment.

The albums debut single “Glass Half Full” is a perfect example and sets the tone for the album which again, has a great cover. Check it out, Steve Cheers ‘ Measure of a Man’.

See more at: Steve Cheers

Myaree WA

New albums landing on my desk this week include the new release from STILL WORSHIP BAND simply titled Volume 1. Still Worship Band are all based at the Red Door Community Church in Cockburn Central just south of Fremantle which is home to vocalists & solo artists Andrea Francis & Paul Morrison among others.

This double CD, 14 trk album is pure worship at its best. A number of the tracks emanate directly from Hillsong while others come from prominent US worship leaders with a couple of tracks written specifically by Andrea Beatty. The album was recorded live at the Church’s Still Retreat in New Norcia north of Perth in August 2015. The worship is real, it’s beautiful and the songs will cut to your heart.
See more at: Still Worship Band

Melbourne VIC

Melbourne-based WOLF AND WILLOW describe themselves as a couple of dudes from Melbourne who like to hang out, sing songs and have a laugh. They have been busy of late, having released their limited run acoustic EP ‘To Taper Dawn’ along with their debut single ‘Chase the Sun’ to a packed out room in Melbourne’s iconic Toff in Town, the duo have gone from strength to strength.

Now they’ve emerged from an abandoned church with their new EP ‘Born to Be’ in tow, ready to share with the masses. The story of Wolf and Willow is far from over. In fact, the next chapter is just beginning.

See more at: Wolf and Willow

YOUNG LIONS – “Mr Spaceman”
Brisbane QLD
Hard rock

Well, what can you say about the new YOUNG LIONS album that hasn’t already been said? With four singles already released from the album Mr Spaceman, the lads are currently on tour and receiving rave reviews, as can be expected.

The album runs to 12 tracks though, and all highlight the lyrical prowess of songwriter Zach Britt, and the musicianship of his bandmates Morgan Castle and Matt Gibson. Do yourself a favour, invest in a copy of Mr Spaceman from Young Lions.

See more at: Young Lions

ZERO ‘247’
Blacktown NSW
Hip Hop

if you are looking to get your rap on, look no further than 247 from ZERO out of the Blacktown area of Sydney. Zero pulls no punches when sharing his love of his Lord drawing on all the positives and negatives of his past to reach out to the generation of the future.

See more at: Zero