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Sydney NSW
Contemporary cross over, pop

Award winning Georgina Makdessi, the classically trained mezzo-soprano creates the perfect ambience for your special occasion. Over the years she has performed at various venues and has had the honour of working with string quartets and a number of musicians.

She completed her Diploma in Voice in 2008 through Trinity College London and as a distinction achiever has previously been presented with the Exhibition Award.

Listening through Georgina Makdessi’s discography reveals a wealth of variety. From her prowess as a classical crossover vocalist, to her seamless multi-linguistic abilities, Georgina’s talent is vast and versatile. Adding yet another feather to her cap, she has returned with “Love Again” – her most pop-driven song to date. With its contemporary sound, powerful production and delivery, this is a delightfully adventurous new direction for Georgina’s golden mezzo-soprano voice.

Trading the grandeur of the classics for the exhilaration of something more modern, her new direction is an organic extension of her already impressive body of work.

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