Dami IM

Brisbane  Qld

She is one of the most recognizable faces in Australian music with one of the most notable voices, Dami Im, winner of the 5th season of X-Factor is ONE amazing Lady.

Selected to represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 in Stockholm Sweden, Dami achieved Australia’s highest EVER score in the final (511) to finish a bare 23 points behind the winner Jamala representing Ukraine.

Dami is also a regular visitor to her birth country South Korea and has toured Australia extensively as well as overseas.

Her current tour, which commenced in August, tours her new single to an extended schedule of rural venues as well as major city venues to late November 2019.

single releases
2017.04.07   Hold Me In Your Arms   with Jack Jones
2016.11.18   Fighting For Love   (7th Heaven remix)
2016.10.21   Fighting For Love
2016.05.20   Sound Of Silence   (remixes x2)
2016.03.11   Sound Of Silence
2016.03.11   Sound Of Silence   (short ed.)
2015.06.26   Smile   (Holiday mix)
2015.05.26   Smile
2014.09.05   Gladiator   (7th Heaven remixes x2)
2014.08.08   Gladiator
2014.06.20   Super Love   (7th Heaven Club mix)
2014.06.13   Super Love   (acoustic)
2014.05.16   Super Love
2014.03.07   Jolene   (acoustic)
2013.10.28   Alive

album releases
2019.01.11   EP   Live Sessions EP   6 tks
2018.03.23   CD   I Hear A Song   14 tks
2016.04.22   CD   Classic Carpenters   11 tks
2014.10.17   CD   Heart Beats   deluxe ed.   15 tks
2014.10.14   CD   Heart Beats   10 tks
2013.11.15   CD   Dami Im   11 tks
2010.00.00   CD   Dream   0 tks

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