DELLA FERN – inactive

Della Fern
Luke, Grace, Beau, Dean, Joel

Perth  WA
urban simplistic
July 2013 – June 2016

Perth band Della Fern were born out of a collaboration between 2 yanks, 2 Aussies and a Kiwi who were all stationed in Perth working at YWAM. The lilting vocals of Grace, melded perfectly with Beau’s voice while his guitar complimented the lead of Joel, Luke’s bass & vocals filled the sound and Dean kept pace. Their music is thoughtful, energetic, light but deep with pop and folk elements tinged with a little blues. Their two EPs are available to download on NoiseTrade and while we will miss Della Fern, all members have moved into other projects.

Beau Torrance  g,v
Grace Eggers  v
Joel Gayton  g
Luke Alsteen  b,v
Dean Johns  d

2016-06-22  Locked Up
2015-11-02  It’s Been Here All Along
2014-01-24  Say You’re Not

2016-06-26  EP  Something In My Mind
2014-06-14  EP  The Great Unknown