Seaford  Vic
contemporary youth worship

With 7 EPs behind them, including their latest ‘Echo,’ released in December 2016, little wonder that the inspired worship eminating from Gateway Youth for their annual Camp No Fear is also inspiring Churches, congregations and youth the world over.

Lead by worship leaders Bethany Bolmers and Michael Best, this collective of songwriters and creatives write and produce new worship songs to capture and soundtrack the heart of God.

Their ethos is simple:
“Out of their passion for God and a fierce belief in the power of the local church, Gateway Youth Music is set on creating a fresh expression of worship. Free from the typical and empowered by personal encounters with Grace, the heart behind each track is to be a raw and real sound that reaches into culture and gives voice to the people of their church community and broader kingdom.”

Bethany Bolmers
Michael Best

single releases

album releases
2016.12.00  EP  Echo
2015.00.00  EP  First + Last
2014.12.00  EP  Your Kingdom
2000.00.00  EP  Fearless
2013.01.17  EP  Belief To Behaviour
2000.00.00  EP  Love Take Over
2011.00.00  EP  Won’t Be Shaken