Kaeli DANE

Regina  SK Canada / Brisbane  Qldkaeli-dane
light melodic acoustic folk pop

The Saskatchewan provence of Canada is hardly the place to be if you LOVE a day at the beach. And while Kapetwa Beach is a beautiful place and only a little over an hour from her home town of Regina, the second largest and capital city of Saskatechewan, Kaeli Dane couldn’t think of a better place to live than Brisbane. With SO many beaches within an hour and a bit’s drive that can be utilized nearly all year round instead of the few weeks through the middle of Summer.
So, is that the ONLY reason Kaeli made the journey to – literally – the other side of the world to begin an 18 month volunteer position with YWAM?
Well, yes!!….AND no!!
A desire to improve her musical, ministry and servant skills of her calling to love others with the only love that brings Salvation AND the beach have her gracing our shores and what an incredible blessing she has already been.
Kaeli’s EP ‘Where My Heart Lies,’ released in October 2012 is just as relevant today and is available to download from BandCamp.


Kaeli Dane (left)