Melbourne  Vic

Talented singer songwriter Krystle Svetlana is renown for releasing quality pieces of work, in her 4 track 2013 EP ‘Reminiscent’ followed in 2015 with the single “Freefall.”
Now comes her most recent single, released just after Christmas, “All Or Nothing” which is already making an impact, sitting just outside the TCM Top 30 (30 Dec 2017).

Her music walks hand in hand with her impressive web and graphic design work, evident on her own website (link below).

“I believe music is such a powerful gift, as it is something that everyone understands and it has a unique way of saying things that words on there own don’t have the power to say! This is why music is something that I treasure deeply and steward with honour – as I know it has the power to transform atmospheres, to set the captives free, heal the broken, unchain the oppressed, speak out a message – and ultimately – bring HEAVEN TO EARTH! And that is the heart of my songwriting – to capture the sound of heaven and to bring it to earth! I pray, that as the Lord gives me the opportunity to share what He has given me through song, it will bless hearts and change Nations!” – Krystle Svetlana website

single releases
2017.12.27   All Or Nothing
2015.07.04   Freefall

album releases
2013.06.01   EP   Reminiscent   4tks

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