The Paper Kites, l-r: Josh & Sam Bentley, David Powys, Christina Lacy, Sam Rasmussen

Melbourne  Vic

Out of a high school musical friendship, a band was born. Brought together by high school mates Sam Bentley and Christina Lacy who had already been writing together for a while, The Paper Kites formed through the latter part of 2010 when ex-San Salvador guitarist, Sam’s brother and drummer Josh Bentley and bassist Sam Rasmussen were recruited and the band has remained constant since then.

‘Woodland’ released in mid 2011 on the back of the strong debut single “Bloom” which has now been certified Gold in the US with over 700,000 in sales to September 2018.

Containing the single “St. Clarity,” their debut full length album ‘States’ launched the band as a serious stayer & contender and by the time ‘Twelve Four’ came just two years later, The Paper Kites were a renowned touring band both nationally and internationally.

Then came 2018……

Sam Bentley   v, g
Christina Lacy   v, k
David Powys   g, v
Josh Bentley   d
Sam Rasmussen   b, v

single releases
2018.03.09   St. Clarity  Mahogany Sessions
2017.01.13   Twelve Four outtakes  dble single
2016.00.00   Too Late
2016.00.00   Renegade
2015.00.00   Revelator Eyes
2013.06.21   St. Clarity
2011.12.13   Woodland
2011.05.23   Featherstone
2010.09.06   Bloom

album releases
2018.09.21   CD   On The Corner Where You Live   11 tks
2018.04.18   CD   On The Train Ride Home   8 tks
2015.08.28   CD   Twelve Four   10 tks
2013.08.30   CD   States   13 tks
2012.09.07   EP   Young North   5 tks
2011.07.01   EP   Woodland   6 tks

music videos   (selected)
2018.08.23   Does It Ever Cross Your Mind
2018.05.05   On The Train Ride Home
2016.00.00   Too Late
2016.00.00   Renegade
2015.00.00   Revelator Eyes
2013.00.00   St. Clarity
2013.00.00   Young
2010.00.00   Bloom

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