TUSKK – inactive

Tuskk: Tamsyn (l) and Rhiannon

Sunshine Coast  Qld
blues soul folk

Sunshine Coast ‘sisters’ Rhiannon and Tamsyn have been friends ‘forever’ and share a unique musical bond that they pour into their on-stage performances and is evident on their debut EP ‘To The Water’ released in August 2016. The pair are Tuskk.

The strong soulful vocals of Tamsyn are highlighted perfectly by Rhiannon’s harmonies which genuinely bring a chill to the spine. They love the stage and, for a young duo at the beginning of a long career, are very comfortable in their environment. Their cheeky ad-lib interaction with their audience is further endearing & you’ve grown to love them long before the first song is over, wishing they could perform all night.

2016.08.20  EP  To The Water

Tamsyn  v, g
Rhiannon  g, v