David & Merelyn

Kinglake  Vic
country pop rock

Husband and wife duo David and Merelyn Carter have been writing, recording and performing their respected brand of family country pop rock for almost 20 years.
From their ‘homestead’ in the Victoria central highlands town of Kinglake, the duo have toured extensively across the country and hold a highly respected place at the top of Australian Country Music ‘stardom’!
But the couple could not have their feet planted more firmly on the ground. While their music speaks volumes in itself, David & Merelyn have built their reputation on supporting their peers, building relationships and encouraging the current & next generation of performers through their off-stage activities, including the workshops they run from their homestead which came perilously close to being destroyed in the Black Saturday Bushfires of 7 February 2009.

‘Better Day,’ David and Merelyn’s latest album, released at their spectacular show in Tamworth on Australia Day 2017 is a further step forward in the progression and development of a combination that many would have claimed were already at their peak, providing further proof (if that was necessary) of the couple’s already impressive contribution and legacy to the industry.

“This album project has a definite concept of bringing people together through music. We titled it ‘Better Day’ because, even though there is so much hard stuff going on in the world and in our individual lives, together we can make a difference. From our small space in the world, we can love better, be kinder, give more and encourage each other to experience life in its fullness and support each other through the good and the hard times. We don’t have to be alone.”
– Merelyn & David (Carter & Carter)

David Carter  v, g,
Merelyn Carter   v, k, p, man

single releases
2018.05.09  Better Day
2017.09.15  World Full Of Angels
2017.00.00  Stand Tall
2014.00.00  Wonderful World
2014.00.00  Little Patch Of Heaven
2013.00.00  To The Moon And Back
2012.00.00  A Good Life
2011.00.00  Dance In The Rain
2009.00.00  Surviving Black Saturday
2008.00.00  Open Road
2008.00.00  Slow Dancing At Midnight
2007.00.00  The Best Things In Life Are Free
2007.00.00  Run Away
2006.00.00  Ride
2005.00.00  God Didn’t Make Mistakes
2005.00.00  Play That Song
2004.00.00  One Of Those Days
2004.00.00  Dancing Shoes
2003.00.00  Busy Man
2003.00.00  Lead Me Home
2002.00.00  Candlelight And Kisses
2002.00.00  Easy Making Love
2001.00.00  A Little Place Called Love
2001.00.00  Dance Away The Night
2000.00.00  You Were There

album releases
2017.01.26  CD  Better Days  (12 tks)
2014.01.17  CD  Wonderful World  (13 tks)
2013.10.01  CD  To The Moon And Back  (12 tks)
2011.09.09  CD  To The Moon And Back  (12 tks)
2009.08.01  CD  Surviving Black Saturday  (9 tks)
2007.01.01  CD  Leap Before You Look  (12 tks)
2004.11.19  CD  Acoustic Gospel  (11 tks)
2004.09.14  CD  Every Minute  (12 tks)
2000.01.01  CD  Dance The Night Away  (12 tks) debut

Brother 2 Brother with Carter & Carter
2016.07.05  CD  Can I Take You There  (12 tks)