Perth  WA

Mitch Barber is a singer/songwriter who’s been bringing his catchy pop music to Australian audiences for the past two years. Inspired from songs that top the pop charts today, Mitch’s songs grab audiences from the start and keep them bouncing their heads until the final melody plays.

He released his first single “Running After You” in early 2018 and has since released three other singles: “Don’t Let Me Go (2018), “Treat You Right” (2019) and “Real Thing” (2019). He is continuing to write new songs and is now performing his high energy performances that keep the audiences glued to their seats all around Perth.

single releases
2019.00.00   Real Thing
2019.07.28   Treat You Right
2018.00.00   Don’T Let Me Go
2018.04.06   Running After You

album releases

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