Geelong  Vic
acoustic psalms

Formed in 1994 while founding members Matthew Jacoby, Jason Coghill & Rod Gear attended Geelong’s Reformed Theological College, Sons Of Korah write almost verbatim from the biblical book of Psalms.

A number of members have come and gone over the years, some returning after solo projects or ‘filling-in’ on tour. Most notable perhaps is backing vocalist Ann-Maree Keefe who left the band in late 2015 to pursue her solo career.

“Sons..” are one of the most loved Australian ‘Christian’ bands & have been for many years. Their ability to bring scripture alive in their music and make it even more meaningful is obviously gifted while each member, but especially frontman Matthew Jacoby, build an unforgettable raport with their audience on and off the stage. But apart from the studio, it is the stage where their best work is done.

Extensive touring has given “SoK” a worldwide audience and appreciation of their gift and the psalms

Matthew Jacoby  g
Spike Avery
Rod Wilson
Bruce Walker
Anna Waters

Rod Gear
Richard Beechey
Jason Coghill
Marcus Hayden
Jayden Lee
Mike McCarthy
Ann-Maree Keefe  v, g, k

single releases

album releases
2017.03.25  CD  Fractures
2015.01.01  CD  Refuge  (11tks)
2014.00.00  CD  Light Of Life: 20 Anniversary re-release
2013.00.00  CD  Live Recordings Vol.2
2012.07.14  CD  Wait  (13 tks)
2010.00.00  CD  Live Recordings Vol.1
2008.08.01  CD  Rain  (12tks)
2005.03.01  CD  Resurrection  (12tks)
2002.11.01  CD  Shelter  (10tks)
2001.00.00  EP  Hand To The Plough
2000.11.01  CD  Redemption Songs  (10tks)
1999.05.01  CD  Light Of Life  (10tks)
1996.00.00  OO  Hand To The Plough

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