The Fergies: Joel, Nathan, Daniel, Kahlia and Shani

Brisbane  Qld
folk rock blues

There is something unique and rare in a band of siblings.
It either works or it really doesn’t.

With The Fergies… WORKS!

But The Fergies have something special. Brilliant songwriting, skilled musicianship and an on-stage excitement across all band members brings a cohesiveness most can only dream of.

This family LOVE what they do and they love taking time to meet with their fans on a level that lifts them over and above the norm.

Daniel Ferguson   v, g
Shani Ferguson   v, k
Kahlia Ferguson   v, g
Nathan Ferguson   v, b
Joel Ferguson   v, d

single releases
2019.00.00   My Way Or The Highway

album releases
2018.12.02   CD   Love Hope Peace   14 tks
2018.09.16   EP   The Peace Album   4 tks
2018.06.17   EP   The Love Album   4 tks
2017.06.01   CD   For Every Son And Daughter   8 tks

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