Sunshine Coast  Qld
alternative folk pop

Marriages can make or break a musicial career especially when both individuals have independent career paths.

When Hannah Olivia and Jason Daniels became a couple, literally everyone was waiting with baited breath what would become of their individual pursuits and if they would meld their writing and performance activities into a ‘super-duo’.

A huge sigh of relief was almost audible across the region at Hannah’s debut album launch when Jason became an integral part of her band.

Anticipation disolved into elation when the couple announced the formation of Brook St and the release of their debut single, “Steady Steady.”

Book St. is a band to watch in 2023 as the singles and tours are already keeping the couple very busy

single releases
2023.00.00   Rising Sun   03:35
2023.01.24   Steady Steady   03:01

album releases






2023.Apr.01-16   Secret Garden (Austin Mackay tour)   5 dates   EvHd; Coffs; GldC; SunC; Bris
2023.Jan-Feb.25-11   Let The Fire Burn (Tay Oskee tour)   8 dates    B.Bay; Bris; Mcy; Wol; Syd; Nwc; Melb; SdyP