Elisa KATE

Newcastle  NSW
indie pop rock soul

Newcastle native Elisa Kate has been quietly plying her trade around Newcastle and the Central North NSW Coast for some years with the occasional venture to wide fields, building a select but highly loyal fan base of her classic indie pop rock tunes.

This girl will play anywhere and stories of lugging gear around in her trusted hot little black Gemini are becoming as legendary as fishing tales.
You won’t be surprised then to find her showing off said little HOT Gemi at the odd car show between gigs – not that this happens often, she is always working somewhere so it seems.

Elisa Kate  v, k, p
Dave Javier   g
Hudson Wallace   d
Elizabeth Benson   bgv

single releases
2018.02.23   Promise Me
2014.10.01   Taking This Flight
2011.04.04   Saturday
2010.05.28   The Crowd Tosses

album releases
2015.05.20   EP   To The Sky   6tks
2014.10.22   EP   Rising Above   5 tks
2014.02.14   CD   The Best Yet   11tks
2011.10.17   CD   Holding On To You  8tks
2009.00.00   ??   Treasure   ?tks

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